A few things we’re great at

Our services target Preventive Maintenance items that some owners may overlook. These items may affect the overall performance and efficiency of your EV (Electric Vehicle).
During our visit we also educate you on these items and we can schedule follow up maintenance visits through automated reminders from our system.

The service list below is not an extensive list.

We can order certain parts directly from Tesla and install aftermarket parts!

Feel free to contact us if you don’t see a service listed or if you have any questions!

12V Battery

The 12V auxiliary battery powers more systems than you would think. Knowing the battery health will keep you from possibly getting locked out of your vehicle!


Increased weight means longer braking distance, high instant torque means high tire wear. Ensuring proper inflation and thread depth is very important.


Unlike vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE), electric and hybrid vehicle brakes operate the electric motor in reverse, and this applies a braking force. This recaptures some of the vehicle’s kinetic energy to give a bit of charge to the battery, but it also means the brake pads in these vehicles are used less frequently.

Maintenance Packages

Though electric vehicles may still cost more to purchase than their conventionally powered counterparts, they’re generally cheaper to keep running via affordable home charging. Electric vehicles also save their owners cash on an ongoing basis via lower long-term maintenance costs.

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