Our story began when Michael’s odometer in his Tesla Model S ticked over to 50K miles. His immediate thought was “what kind of maintenance schedule should I follow?” His second thought was “why not provide maintenance schedules for Electric Vehicle (EV) owners?

EVs will become more commonplace as we move away from using fossil fuels and look to more sustainable options. Although EVs require little to no maintenance, there are owners that may forget about important maintenance schedules to keep their vehicle running efficiently. 

EZ EV Care was created to ease the burden of remembering when those maintenance schedules happen by providing owners with reminders and the ability to schedule service to handle those items. We make EV Preventive Maintenance easy by providing owners with timely reminders of when to schedule their next maintenance item. Doing so will keep their EV from running efficiently.

Our mobile service eases the burden of having to drive to a shop to have it worked on. We provide an alternative to manufacturer provided maintenance services. EZ EV Care is bonded and insured.